This online catalogue is a tool for facilitating cooperation and networking to solve future challenges in the transport area using available RI. With it, it is possible to identify available RI today, which facilitates cooperation between partners with similar RIs (knowledge exchange and development of RIs) and between partners with complementary RIs (optimise use). The overall benefit will be the identification of gaps and future needs. Attempts will be made to address and find solutions to build up these facilities, with the support of all research organisations interested in this theme. This online catalogue aims to provide:

  • An up-to-date overview of existing world-class RIs both in Europe and internationally.
  • A tool for identifying missing RIs to address current and future needs.
  • A tool for identifying cooperation possibilities among researchers to exchange knowledge, optimise the use of available facilities, develop common research facilities and develop test methods and equipment.
  • An effective easy-to-search tool for identifying facilities that have capacity available for extra testing performed in accordance with a specific test method.

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