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Calendar: November 2015
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17th RS5C - Road Safety on Five Continents
6th Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress
ICWIM7 - weigh-in-motion

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Through research collaboration, the objectives of FEHRL are:

  • To provide scientific input to Europe and national government policy on highway engineering and road transport matters.
  • To create and maintain an efficient and safe road network in Europe.
  • To increase innovation in European road construction and road-using industries.
  • To improve the energy efficiency of highway engineering and operations
  • To protect the environment and improve quality of life.
 FP7 - 2011 Work Programmes Published 01.08.2010

CORDISThe European Commission has published 51 new calls as part of the FP7 2011 work programmes. Some of these calls have been published on the FEHRL Opportunities page. For a full list of calls available, please visit the CORDIS website.

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 Internet Consultation on the Seventh Framework Programme 11.07.2010

EC DG Research has launched an open consultation as part of the Interim Evaluation of FP7. This exercise is to examine progress and provide recommendations to help both the implementation of FP7, as well as contributing ideas for the possible next Framework Programme.

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 Forever Open Road in European Voice 06.07.2010

A short article on FOR, entitled "Launch of new concept for Europe's road", was published in the 24 June 2010, European Voice, special report on Research. The European Voice is the main English language weekly newspaper in Brussels.

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 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Highways 06.07.2010

The June edition of the UK Highways Agency's Traffic Incident Management Bulletin reports on the use of an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) called the Incident Support Imaging System (ISiS).  Coincidently,  EC's DG MOVE hosted a conference on encouraging the civilian use of UAS.

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 RE-ROAD and PERSUADE in NORDIC publication 02.07.2010

The NORDIC, Road and Transport Research magazine has published articles on two of FEHRL's projects, Re-Road and Persuade. To read the articles, please click on the titles. For further information about either of the projects, please click on the logo to take you to the projects website.

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