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Through research collaboration, the objectives of FEHRL are:

  • To provide scientific input to Europe and national government policy on highway engineering and road transport matters.
  • To create and maintain an efficient and safe road network in Europe.
  • To increase innovation in European road construction and road-using industries.
  • To improve the energy efficiency of highway engineering and operations
  • To protect the environment and improve quality of life.
 DG Enterprise and Industry Launch Public Consultation 27.03.2009
Friday March 6th saw the launch of a public consultation on the effectiveness of innovation support in Europe for DG Enterprise and Industry. It will remain open until May 4th. The main purpose of this consultation is to get insights on how to best improve the effectiveness of public innovation support mechanisms in the EU.


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 CERTAIN Slovenian National seminar 21.03.2009

CERTAIN project will organise the Slovenian National seminar in Bled, on May 6 and 7, 2009. The main focus of the event, which will be held in the Slovenian language, with guest speakers from Croatia and Serbia, will be on presentation of results of the SPENS and ARCHES projects. The second day will focus on dissemination of results of other recent FEHRL initiated European research projects. Here you can register, see the programme, download the seminar brochure, book the hotel, or download the letter of guarantee, in case that you need a visa to enter Slovenia.

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 DG RTD Transport presents animation on INTRO, a.o. 17.03.2009

Under the title "Tomorrow's transport, today's innovation: mapping EU transport research", DG RTD Transport included the INTRO, NR2C and INQUEST projects in an animation on their website.

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 FEHRL participation in EC FP7 Exhibition 12.03.2009

FEHRL will participate in the "Research Connection 2009" event that will be organised under the Czech EU Presidency by the European Commission/DG Research. From May 7-8, selected EU-funded projects will be exhibited in Prague. The event will present three major ongoing research initiatives: The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), 2007-2013; The Structural Funds, 2007-2013 and The Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) 2007-2013

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 European Transport Research Organisations present Lyon Declaration to EC commissioner 06.03.2009

On Feb 17, Claude van Rooten, President of FEHRL, together with representatives of ECTRI, EURNEX and FERSI, presented the Lyon "Declaration on the Implementation of the 2020 Vision for ERA" to European Commissioner Janez Potočnik.

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