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The FEHRL Secretariat initiated or was involved in countless project-related activities at the Transport Research Arena 2018 (TRA2018) in Vienna, Austria on 16-19th April 2018. As well as supporting co-organiser AustriaTech with the overall communications for the event, FEHRL was present with members BRRC, IFSTTAR and VTI for the whole of TRA2018 on the FEHRL part of the CEDR stand that FEHRL also helped to produce. Several projects featured as part of the official TRA2018 programme and both the CEDR and European Commission (EC) stands included a dynamic programme of activities on their exhibition areas, including the ones mentioned in this article. FEHRL also supported the TRA VISIONS 2018 competition with communications and helped out at the ERTRAC stand through the FUTURE-RADAR project.

Highlights of the week included the launch of the FORx4 network in the CEDR Agora exhibition area on Tuesday 17th April and the AM4INFRA final conference on Wednesday 18th April, as featured in this article.

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Projects in the TRA2018 programme, on the FEHRL/CEDR and EC stands

The following ongoing and completed projects featured as part of the overall TRA2018 technical programme, as well as on the Agora area of the CEDR stand and EC stand of the exhibition.   

CoExist logoCoExist, logoThe CoEXIst project featured both as a Marketplace Poster and as a project poster in the Technical session "Automated Transport: Modelling, Evaluation, Validation & Testing" on Tuesday 17th April, as well as on the FEHRL part of the CEDR stand. 

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Meanwhile, Randy Rzewnicki, ECF Policy Officer, presented the FLOW project in the Agora area on Wednesday 18th April 2018 and the project featured on the FEHRL part of the CEDR stand. 

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The ERA-NET Plus Infravation programme and projects featured on the FEHRL part of the CEDR stand and in the Agora area with the following presentations:

Giovanni Dotelli, Politecnico di Milano, presented the SEACON project on Monday 16th April 

Richard van der Elburg, Rijkswaterstaat and David García Sánchez, Tecnalia, presented the Infravation programme and FASSTbridge project on Wednesday 18th April. 


The FASSTBRIDGE project also featured along with a RAGTIME project poster in the Technical session "Asset Management and Life Cycle Analysis" on Wednesday 18th April. The new RAGTIME video also featured both on the FEHRL part of the CEDR stand and the EC stand. 

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Julie Clarke, SAFE-10-T Project Manager, presented the project’s objectives and approach, as well as the current outcome and expected impact of each Work Packages on the EC stand on Thursday 19th April and the new video was featured on the FEHRL part of the CEDR stand.

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The SENSKIN project also featured on the FEHRL part of the CEDR stand with a new video and was presented by Project Coordinator Angelos Amitidis of ICCS on the EC stand on Monday 16th April and by Claudia Ciuca of FEHRL in the Technical session "Transport Infrastructure: Application of Machine Learning" on Tuesday 17th April

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Three completed projects that FEHRL was involved in were also featured in Technical Sessions at TRA2018. Claudia Ciuca presented the ECOROADS project results in the "Road Infrastructure Analysis, Management & Improvements" session on Wednesday 18th April. 

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On the same day, Martin Lamb of Maple Consulting presented the USE-iT and FOX projects in the "Travel and Transportation Planning" session and on Thursday 19th April, several members of the REFINET Consortium made the project presentation in the "Infrastructure as a Part of Mobility/Society System" session. 

These activities were of course in addition to countless other parts of the programme that involved FEHRL members and key partners. 

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Lauch of FORX4 and Reception at TRA 2018 

Thanks to the support of the European Commission, the community of transport infrastructure has built a vision for an integrated infrastructure for seamless mobility, with its necessary need for Research, Demonstration and Implementation (R&D&I). 

The main coordinators of the initiative, FEHRL (Thierry Goger, FEHRL Secretary General) and European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) (Alain Zarli, ECTP Secretary General), pitched the main outline of the FORx4 programme and discussed the way forward on Tuesday 17th April 2018 on the CEDR stand at TRA2018! FORx4 inspired the USE-iT and FOX projects and will be the vehicle by which the results of these and the REFINET project and expert networks continues in the future. A special thank you was given to Cristina Marolda of DG Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) of the EC who was about to retire and has given extensive support to FEHRL and FORx4, as well as the USE-iT and FOX projects.

For more details on FORx4, see the FORx4 LinkedIn group or contact Thierry Goger or Martin Lamb 


AM4INFRA Final Conference as Side Event of TRA 2018

The AM4INFRA consortium held its Final Event on Wednesday 18th April 2018 at TRA2018. The Final Conference was held in two consecutive sessions with identical agendas, in order to enable delegates to choose the one most convenient in relation to the rest of their TRA2018 schedule. 

Participants had the opportunity to get an overview of the AM4INFRA project, and its (draft) results that constitute a common framework approach for asset management on transport infrastructures that is cross asset, cross modal and cross border. Those who were unable to attend could follow via web streaming or join the webinar on Thursday 3rd May 2018 from 10.00-11.30AM. 

AM4INFRA was also presented by Ramesh Sinhal of Highways England on the EC stand on Thursday 19th April and AM4INFRA featured on the CEDR stand.