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     Practical information

     0. Introduction and Setting the Scene by Manfred Haider, AIT (0-GENERAL-ROSANNE_Final Event_Introduction_v1.2_2016_10_11.pdf - 310.62 KB )
     00. Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda - STRIA, by Cristina Marolda, European Commission (00-Cristina_STRIA INFRA presentation.pdf - 397.76 KB )
     1.Common Position paper from EAPA, EUPAVE, EUROBITUME and FEHRL on reduction of rolling resistance and CO2, by Karl Downey, EUPAVE and Carsten Karcher, EAPA (1-Presentation Karcher Downey at Rosanne Final Event v3.pdf - 334.65 KB )
     2.Measurement methods for the skid resistance of road surfaces, by Martin Greene, TRL and Véronique Cerezo, IFSTTAR (2-MartinGreen-Rosanne Final Event_WP1 Presentations_v1.1.pdf - 682.27 KB )
     3.New procedure for characterizing noise properties of road surfaces in Europe, by Marco Conter, AIT (3-ROSANNE_FINAL EVENT_WP2_Conter_20161011.pdf - 613.27 KB )
     4. Improvement of the CPX method and research on temperature influence and its corrections, by Ulf Sandberg, VTI (4-Sandberg CPX method and temperature corrections.pdf - 1104.46 KB )
     5.Measurement methods for rolling resistance properties of road surfaces, by Bjarne Schmidt, Danish Road Directorate (5-BjarneSchmidt_ROSANNE Final seminar_WP3_Intro.pdf - 296.56 KB )
     6.Trailer-based rolling resistance measurement method: draft standard preparation by Anneleen Bergiers and Johan Maeck, BRRC (6-AnneleenBergiers_ROSANNE Final seminar WP3.pdf - 319.69 KB )
     7.Validation of the method (RRT in Nantes) by Fabienne Anfosso, IFSTTAR (7-ROSANNE_Final-seminar-WP3_Anfosso.pdf - 758.65 KB )
     8. Influence of texture properties, by Luc Goubert, BRRC (8-LucGoubert_Influence of texture properties.pdf - 945.55 KB )
     9.Reference tyres and surfaces, by Ulf Sandberg, VTI (9-Ulf_Sandberg_tyres and ref surfaces.pdf - 1088.47 KB )
     10.Roadmap and implementation plans - Karen Scharnigg, BASt (10-ROSANNE WP5_Final Event_2016-10-11_v2.pdf - 400.78 KB )
     Attendance List - Final Event (Attendance List - Final Event 11.10.2016.pdf - 1277.77 KB )
     Final Agenda (ROSANNE_finaleventOct2016_Final Agenda.pdf - 392.17 KB )

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