Fehrl news news from Fehrl news en-us Copyright by FEHRL 2008 info@fehrl.org Fehrl RSS 2.0 http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss Two FEHRL members win EU Champions of Transport Research competition http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=884 Astrid Linder of VTI is overall winner and winner of Road, while Eugene O'Brien of UCD wins cross-modal award at TRA2014. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=884 FEHRL Join FEHRL at TRA2014 from 13-17th April 2014 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=883 Don't miss the Forever Open Road session at TRA2014! info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=883 FEHRL New FEHRL brochure produced for TRA2014 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=880 Updated brochure gives introduction to FEHRL and FEHRL's key focus and projects. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=880 FEHRL ARRB Group looking for Senior Pavement Engineer http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=878 Senior Pavement Engineer to work within Research and Consulting Division of Perth Western Australian office. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=878 FEHRL ERA-NET Plus (EN Plus) Infravation Call officially launches today http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=876 Guide for Applicants now available for download with key details of programme. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=876 FEHRL FEHRL's January/February 2014 newsletter now published http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=877 FEHRL's January/February 2014 newsletter now published with latest news from FEHRL, including FEHRL stand at TRA2014. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=877 FEHRL Fourth INCRIS newsletter for February 2014 now published http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=874 INCRIS newsletter for February 2014 available in both English and Ukrainian language versions info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=874 FEHRL First ERA-NET Plus Infravation newsletter now published http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=873 First issue of Infravation newsletter announces Call launch on 3rd March and main brokerage event. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=873 FEHRL Save the date for FEHRL's 25th Anniversary! http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=872 Special event planned on 13th November 2014 at FEHRL member BRRC. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=872 FEHRL Only a few days left to get the early bird registration for TRA2014! http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=871 Early bird registration for TRA2014 set to end on 1st February 2014. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=871 FEHRL