Fehrl news news from Fehrl news en-us Copyright by FEHRL 2008 info@fehrl.org Fehrl RSS 2.0 http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss FEHRL organises another International Project Management training course http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1026 FEHRL organises another successful IPM training for 24 students info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1026 FEHRL 10th International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1025 BCRRA 2017 to be held in Athens, Greece on 28 - 30th June 2017. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1025 FEHRL New FEHRL leadership chosen from mid-2016-mid-2019 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1024 New FEHRL President, FEHRL Supervisory Board (FSB) and FEHRL Executive Committee (FEC) info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1024 FEHRL Delft University of Technology (TUDeflt) seeking Tenure Track http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1023 TU Delft looking for Tenure Track in Technical Asset Management - Pavement info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1023 FEHRL Chalmers University recruiting staff related to infrastructure /urban mobility/traffic planning http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1022 Assistant Professor, full Professor and Lecturer/Asscoiate Professor positions to be filled info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1022 FEHRL Programme for 14th World Conference on Transport Research (WCTRS2016) announced http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1021                           WCTRS2016 to review the latest research in all aspects of transportation info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1021 FEHRL FOX and USE-iT Stakeholders' Webinar to be held on 30th June 2016 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1018 Details on FOX and USE-iT progress to be given info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1018 FEHRL Register and save the date for ROSANNE final conference http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1019 Event on 11th October 2016 to be held at BRRC's research centre in Sterrebeek near Brussels. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1019 FEHRL Infravation to feature at IALCCE 2016 on 18th October 2016 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1020 Infravation Forum session to feature Infravation Coordinator and Infravation Call Manager info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1020 FEHRL FEHRL to present at European Road Infrastructure Congress http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1017 Congress to be held on 18-20th October 2016 in Leeds, UK info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1017 FEHRL