Fehrl news news from Fehrl news en-us Copyright by FEHRL 2008 info@fehrl.org Fehrl RSS 2.0 http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss Deadline for submission of abstracts and tutors of Young Researchers Seminar 2015 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=898 10th October 2014 is deadline for submission of abstracts and tutors of Young Researchers Seminar in Rome on 17-19th June 2015 info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=898 FEHRL Come to the Ageing and Safe Mobility Conference at BASt http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=894 FERSI, ECTRI, ETRA, Euro NCAP, FEHRL and HUMANIST organising Conference on 27-28th November 2014 info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=894 FEHRL ROADAPT project organising training on 20-21st October 2014 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=923 Course at Deltares to cover climate change risk assessments and adaptation for roads info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=923 FEHRL TRIMM project organises four national workshops http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=915 TRIMM project organises national workshops in Poland, Turkey, Romania and Czech Republic. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=915 FEHRL FEHRL's July/August 2014 newsletter now published http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=919 FEHRL's July/August 2014 newsletter now published with upcoming events including TRIMM final conference, the IPM 2014 and FEHRL 25th anniversary. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=919 FEHRL SMARTRAIL final conference on 25-26th August 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=918 SMARTRAIL final conference focused on user involvement and practical application of findings info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=918 FEHRL FEHRL and IFSTTAR to participate at ITS Forum 2014 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=916 FEHRL and IFSTTAR to participate at ITS Forum 2014  on September 30th in  Villeneuve d’Ascq (near Lille) info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=916 FEHRL World Highways features FEHRL and FEHRL members in key article about TRA2014 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=914 World Highways features IFSTTAR, BASt, Infravation and Forever Open Road in key article about TRA2014. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=914 FEHRL University of Zilina seeks researchers for Marie Sklodowska - Curie Individual Fellowship http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=909 University of Zilina Research Centre, Slovakia, looking for talented experienced researchers to apply for Marie Sklodowska - Curie Individual Fellowship. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=909 FEHRL DECOMOBIL/HUMANIST Human centred design workshop http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=910 DECOMOBIL/HUMANIST Workshop entitled "Human centred design for safety critical transport systems" on 8th September 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=910 FEHRL