Fehrl news news from Fehrl news en-us Copyright by FEHRL 2008 info@fehrl.org Fehrl RSS 2.0 http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss December 2016 USE-iT and FOX newsletter now published http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1045 Read here about USE-iT and FOX's latest progress info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1045 FEHRL Register for second USE-iT and FOX stakeholder webinar on Thursday 8th December http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1044 Webinar to feature progress given at second USE-iT and FOX stakeholder workshop on Thursday 15th September info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1044 FEHRL Rolling Resistance workshop in Copenhagen on November 24-25th 2016 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1042 Workshop entitled "Green Road Infrastructure - Lower CO2 emissions from the roads are possible - even with some resistance."  info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1042 FEHRL FEHRL Scanning Tour 2016 Workshop on Infrastructure Resilience http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1043 FEHRL, ARRB in Australia, BASt in Germany, NPRA in Norway and IFSTTAR and CEREMA in France all taking part in 2016 Scanning Tour. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1043 FEHRL Third FEHRL newsletter 2016 now published http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1041 Register now for the LCE4ROADS project final conference and save the date for FIRM17 info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1041 FEHRL New Finance Officer at FEHRL http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1040 Denisa's work to include managing Financial administration of contracts and accounts of FEHRL info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1040 FEHRL ROSANNE final conference attracts more than 90 participants http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1039 Conference includes overview of measurement methods for skid resistance, noise emission and Rolling resistance properties of road surfaces  info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1039 FEHRL FEHRL-EUPAVE-EAPA publication on CO2 savings by maintaining and upgrading roads http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1038 Joint publication entitled “Road pavement industries highlight huge CO2 savings offered by maintaining and upgrading roads info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1038 FEHRL Four upcoming CEDR events in October/November 2016 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1037 Events to focus on four end of CEDR programmes info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1037 FEHRL Register and save the date for ROSANNE final conference http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1019 Event on 11th October 2016 to be held at BRRC's research centre in Sterrebeek near Brussels. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1019 FEHRL