Fehrl news news from Fehrl news en-us Copyright by FEHRL 2008 info@fehrl.org Fehrl RSS 2.0 http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss Schedule of FEHRL project presentations in Agora at TRA2016 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1012 Several projects to be presented in the Agora space of the CEDR pavillion at TRA2016 info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1012 FEHRL Join FEHRL at TRA2016! http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1011 First FEHRL newsletter 2016 highlights FEHRL-related sessions at TRA2016 info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1011 FEHRL MIRIAM Models for Rolling Resistance workshop in Brussels on 19th May 2016 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1010 Workshop to highlight added value of rolling resistance and address how projects can be brought into application and implementation. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1010 FEHRL Factsheet on nine Infravation projects now published http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1007 Publication in time for Infravation stand at TRA2016 info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1007 FEHRL FOX and USE-iT poster now published for TRA2016 session http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1005 Poster gives overview of project and partners, etc info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1005 FEHRL New FEHRL brochure produced for TRA2016 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1006 Updated brochure gives introduction to FEHRL and FEHRL's key focus and projects. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1006 FEHRL Programme Manager appointed for Forever Open Road and FORx4 http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1009 Martin Lamb from Maple Consulting to carry out this strategic work for FEHRL info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1009 FEHRL Two new Project Officers at FEHRL Secretariat http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1008 Both responsible for administrative and financial management of FEHRL's projects. info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1008 FEHRL Fourth European Road Profile User's Group (ERPUG) on 20th-21st October http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1003 Presenters and sponsors being sought for event to be held in Prague, Czech Republic info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1003 FEHRL AEROBI project flyer now published http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1004 Flyer gives overview of project and partners, etc info@fehrl.org http://www.fehrl.org/?m=33&a=content&id=1004 FEHRL