Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

FEHRL Structure new

FEHRL General Assembly (FGA)

FEHRL is governed by a General Assembly (FGA) from which a President and Vice-President(s) are elected to serve for three years. The Board meets at least twice a year to conduct FEHRL business and to ensure that the objectives are being vigorously pursued.

FEHRL Supervisory Board (FSB)

The FEHRL Supervisory Board (FSB) is collectively formed by the President, Vice-President, Financial Supervisor, and FEHRL Executive Committee (FEC) Chair to deal with all cross-cutting issues and to prepare for the bi-annual General Assembly (FGA) meetings.

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FEHRL Research Coordinators (RC)

The development of collaborative activities are organised through the FEHRL Research Coordinators (FRC), who, from all member-institutes, facilitate exchange on a wide range of research and technical matters concerning roads. RCs provide a flexible and effective link between the General Assembly (FGA) and Presidency, the FEHRL Executive Committee (FEC), the FEHRL Secretariat and the FEHRL Member Institutes. The RC initiate Task Forces to assist in the formulation of activites on individual technical topics.

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FEHRL Executive Committee (FEC)

The FEHRL Executive Committee (FEC) is responsible for the legal and contractual aspects of FEHRL operations. They supervise the on-going research programmes (which is organised along the four SERRP V pillars) and appoint Project Managers. They assess the risks and benefits of project proposals initiated by FEHRL Research Area Leaders (RALs) and by the FEHRL Research Coordinators (FRC), especially the management and financial risk for the Association which they manage on behalf of the FEHRL Supervisory Board (FSB). The members of the FEC are the signatories on all FEHRL contracts.

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FEHRL Research Area Leaders (RALs)

Project Managers, from the FEHRL Member-Institutes, manage the projects and their respective umbrella activities, in which the FEHRL Association is financially or contractually involved. In such matters they report to the FEHRL Executive Committee (FEC).

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FEHRL Secretariat

The FEHRL Secretariat supports the activities of the Association and acts as focal point for the development of new opportunities for collaboration and knowledge dissemination. The Secretary-General is responsible for opportunity development and manages the Secretariat which provides administrative support for FEHRL operations. The Secretary-General reports to the President and manages within the budget allocated by the FEHRL General Assembly (FGA).