General Assembly


Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

FEHRL General Assembly (FGA)

FEHRL is governed by a General Assembly (FGA) from which a President and Vice-President(s) are elected to serve for three years.

The Board meets at least twice a year to conduct FEHRL business, and to ensure that the objectives are being vigorously pursued.

FGA - Belgium Nov 2019

From left to right side: Janis Barbars (LVCELI), Annick De Swaef (BRRC), Alex Wright (TRL), Manfred Haider (AIT), Monika Kowalska-Sudyka(IBDIM), Agnès Jullien (UGE), Thierry Goger (FEHRL), Marit Brandtsegg (NPRA), Maria de Lurdes Antunes - FEHRL President (LNEC), Stepan Strick (BASt),  Ghita Berg (DRD), Adewole Adesiyun (FEHRL), Tomas Svensson (VTI), Rini Van Rootselaar - FEHRL Vice-President(RWS), Ana Mandić Ivanković (UNIZGFCE), Martin Stolz (BFH), Aleš Žnidarič (ZAG), Xavier Cocu (BRRC)