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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories



The mission builds upon the vision to provide the key building blocks to help achieve the vision. It has been agreed as:

  • Our mission is to serve society by accelerating the development and facilitating the deployment of collaborative science, technical knowledge and innovative solutions for the road infrastructure sector

The mission statement can be shortened as follow:

  • Innovative roads for everyone’s mobility

The mission has four elements, which have remained fairly consistent through the years and remain relevant now. As indicated by the figure, these are separate pillars of activities, but form a loose cycle.

Advising R&D&I Programmes

🡪 Providing the latest thinking on research needs to achieve the vision and what should be considered by funding agencies.

🡪 Articulating the research priorities of FEHRL members.

Boosting cooperative R&D&I

🡪 Encouraging members to work together on areas of shared interest

🡪 Helping members form consortia to answer research calls and engaging in consortia when appropriate

Enhancing knowledge development & transfer

🡪 The cornerstone of FEHRL’s activities, sharing knowledge for mutual benefit

🡪 Working together on leveraging research results 

Fostering Innovation 

🡪 FEHRL’s members work at the forefront of their field developing innovation technologies, processes, techniques and services.

🡪 This in turn leads to the identification of new research priorities and the cycle continues.