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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories



The vision of any organisation, if clearly articulated, provides not just the ‘raison d’être’ but rather the focal point on which everything else can be structured and directed. It has been said that leaders do the right things, whilst managers do things right. In the same way, the vision provides the direction for the mission of the organisation, and subsequently the strategy as the means of achieving the vision. 


We want to co-create a Forever Open and Integrated Transport Infrastructure as a cornerstone for modern mobility

FEHRL’s flagship programme for the past decade has been the Forever Open Road, as this itself provides a vision of how we imagine the roads of the future.

The FORx4 cross-modal initiative reflects FEHRL’s changing role from highway research to infrastructure partner, driven in part by EC and national government strategies to consider journeys rather than modes, and for management of (generally) road and rail by the same organisation in many countries. 


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