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The concept of TRA VISIONS project is to organize two competitions for transport research awards to be announced at the TRA conference in 2022:

The TRA VISIONS 2022 YOUNG RESEARCHER COMPETITION, an young researcher competition with the goal of stimulating the interest among young researchers and students in the field of sustainable transport.

The TRA VISIONS 2022 SENIOR RESEARCHER COMPETITION, a competition for senior researchers in the field of innovative transport concepts based on results only from EU-funded projects.

The objectives of the TRA VISIONS 2022 project are:

  • to make the TRA conference the premier series in its field in the world by stimulating the participation of university students as well as young and senior transport researchers in the TRA 2022 conference;
  • to build a vibrant community of transport innovators and researchers in Europe thus fostering the interaction between specialists working in different modes;
  • to promote an inter-disciplinary approach, linking basic science, socio-economics and applied sciences/engineering;
  • to identify the top performing university students in all modes of transportation and the champions of transport research in the EU funded projects by means of a precise evaluation process and acknowledge their achievements;
  • to disseminate knowledge and project findings with the final aim to develop innovative solutions for transport in Europe.

The expected strategic impact of TRA VISIONS 2022 includes:

  • stimulate young researchers and students to submit their research work to the competition and attract them to transport related studies.
  • Support the TRA conference, which is considered as the first Transport research conference in Europe, with a successful and high-quality scientific competition and with strong and high level media coverage.
  • Encourage partners from EU-funded projects to further develop innovative ideas from their projects.
  • Efficiently disseminate knowledge and results of European and National research projects in the area of Sustainable Transport and thus improve the coordination of research, technology development and innovation and the deployment of innovative solutions in the Transport sector in Europe.
Young Researcher Competition  Senior Researcher Competition

The Young Researcher Competition is for students mainly in their final year of Master's degree or first years of PhD.

The top three winners per mode will be invited to the TRA 2022 Conference in Lisbon (14-17 November 2022) and receive their prizes amidst representatives of industry, European Commission and other transport stakeholders. The deadline for application for the Young Research competition is 30th June 2021.



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The Senior Researcher Competition will cover all transport modes including infrastructures and cross-cutting issues in line with the EC ‘Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy’ for a green, smart, affordable and integrated mobility.

The winners of the TRA VISIONS 2022 Senior Researcher Competition will act as a showcase for the very best EU-funded innovation and research and either acknowledge the achievements of established leaders in the field or encourage the development of the rising stars who will become the future leaders. The deadline for application for the Senior Research competition is 31st October 2021.


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