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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

Our services

Work with us and your project will benefit from the FEHRL network available across Europe and beyond. FEHRL has gained extensive experience in supporting European projects, in particular from our key stakeholders: the European Commission and the Conference of European Directors of Road (CEDR). FEHRL has a permanent presence in Brussels for the coordination of activities and the FEHRL Secretariat has been key in developing and managing a substantial number of European research projects.


Our key expertise lies in

the dissemination and implementation/explotation of projects, as well as the provision of techinical guidance and input, policy liasion and briefing and compliance with European Commission obligations.

We are able to act as Dissimination Manager within your project in order to produce your strategy and plan, and ensure that your project's results will be channelled through our Member-Institutes to national stakeholders.

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Scanning Tour 

The mutual benefits in knowledge-sharing with other parts of the world are the main reason behind FEHRL organising a Scannning Tour to Asia (2016), within Europe (2017) and to the USA (2018).

FEHRL has organised many Scanning Tours to the USA, all of which were intended to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and partnership-building between US organisations and the participating FEHRL members. The tours were developed in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Centre (TFHRC), which represents the USA within FEHRL.

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FEHRL workshops are an occasion for Researchers, End-users and Stakeholders to meet and consider issues of pressing need.

These workshops are organised independently or in conjuction with projects.

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FEHRL has run International Project Management training courses for FEHRL Member-Institutes' staff and Partner organisations from its Brussels offices. See list of training.

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