Scanning Tour 2018 - USA

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Scanning Tour October 2018 - USA 

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FEHRL delegates at the visualisation suite at the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), near Denver, Colorado. NREL is a world leading facility, with fantastic facilities, with research focus on alternative fuels, fuel efficiency, electrification and CAVs.

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FEHRL team visiting Colorado Department of Transport (DOT) in Denver. The focus of the presentation was on the State wide transport model, electrification of corridors, and Colorado Road X programme. There was also a presentation from a delegate from NREL on the US Alternative Fuels corridors programme.




Visit to California DOT (Caltrans). The main focus of this visit was to hear about Caltrans’ focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, particularly through encouraging walking, cycling and use of public transport, electrification of vehicles generally in California and also of the Caltrans fleet.


FEHRL meeting with Ports of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach, in Long Beach, California. The focus of the meeting was to discuss real life examples of the use of zero and near emission vehicles, both within the ports and from the ports to warehouse facilities in the region.

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FEHRL delegates at METRANS research centre at the University of Southern California. METRANS have undertaken research on freight route modelling to reduce greenhouse gases, incentives for individuals to use alternative routes to keep traffic flowing, and research on warehousing facilities in and around Los Angeles.

Scanning Tour 2018

Los Angeles infrastructure – a city built around the car

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FEHRL delegates and University of Davis, California (UC Davis). UC Davis presented on their research findings around electric vehicle use, implications of connected and automated vehicles on vehicle miles travel and on public transport systems. A particular focus was their ‘3 revolutions’ programme on autonomous vehicles, shared mobility and electrification.