News - Workshop on Intelligent Highways- Expectations and requirements

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Workshop on Intelligent Highways- Expectations and requirements

Co-organised with the LCPC on behalf of the French Ministry of Research, a workshop on Intelligent Highways - expectations and requirement will be held on 25th Oct 2007

The venue is La Maison de l'Automobile - 46 blvd de la Woluwe - 1200 Bruxelles - Belgium (which is adjacent to the FEHRL offices)



All countries in the European Research Area face major challenges with their transport systems. Currently research tendency in a transport sector is to face up to challenges such as CO2 emissions, global warming, road safety and an incentive to work towards a form of mobility that is sustainable, energy-efficient and respectful of the environment. Most countries have national transport strategies which involve similar approaches.

To better understand the perspectives of road authorities and to inform you of current developments in our activities, we would like to invite you to a one-day workshop in Brussels.   This workshop would consider three major research domains ( Greener, Safer and Smarter ). Each domain will be presented in the context of the background to the subject research existing or done in that specific area with effort to find the set where the results are consistent. We will wish to hear your views and thoughts on the projects as well as your proposals.


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