News - BD Pave initiative was represented by Dirk Jansen (BASt) at #FIRM21.

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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

BD Pave initiative was represented by Dirk Jansen (BASt) at #FIRM21.

FIRM 21 - DAY 2 - 8th December 2021


🔊 FEHRL’s BD Pave (Big Data for Smart Pavement Management) initiative was represented by Dirk Jansen (BASt) at #FIRM21.
BDPAVE is connecting traditional and new data sources to turn big data into smart data… relevant and actionable.
Check here Dirk's presentation and the recording video

For more information on the project, including understanding how your organisation can get involved, visit: or contact: Dirk Jansen (Leader of the group) / Martin Lamb (Programme Manager)

Work package leaders/contributors: FEHRLFederal Highway Research InstituteBRRC-CRR-OCWUniversité Gustave Eiffel , Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI)

Initiative members: LVC, Statens vegvesen - Norwegian Public Roads AdministrationTRLVILNIUS TECH - Vilnius Gediminas Technical UniversityZAG LjubljanaFederal Highway AdministrationLNEC

Programme Advisory Board: FEHRLFederal Highway Research Institute (BASt), National HighwaysVejdirektoratet , TrafikverketInfraestruturas de Portugal

📹 Watch the video and understand better about the BDPAVE initiative.


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