News - BDPAVE at #TRA2022

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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

BDPAVE at #TRA2022

14 - 17 November 2022


BDPAVE project is participating at the #TRA2022

‘Big data’ terminology is worldwide in use for strategies like these, not only for transportation needs. Big data can be defined as high volume data often collected in real-time from various sources. This implies a high variety of often unstructured information assets which only evolve its potential and ‘intelligence’ with specific technology and methods. Recent level of technology (including sensing, data storage, processing power and methods) allows a complete new view on the use of existing data and access to new sources of data including data that are crowd sourced. Even exponential growth and availability of data seem to be no longer decisive criterion.

Visit us – Booth 2.12 – Pavilion 2


BD-Pave (Big Data-Pavement) is a FEHRL initiative.



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