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Connecting the world - straits crossings 2009

Fifth Strait Crossings Symposium, Trondheim, Norway (June 22-24, 2009)Some of the most advanced and innovative examples of transport infrastructure were discussed during the Fifth Symposium on Strait Crossing in Trondheim, Norway.  During the opening ceremony, NPRA Deputy Director Kjell Bjorvig stressed the challenges facing transport infrastructure.  FEHRL's Secretary-General Steve Phillips highlighted the need for greater recognition of the high-level of innovation in the field coupled with the enormous societal and economic benefits.

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The Straits Crossings symposium has showcased some of the greatest civil engineering projects undertaken around the globe.  These included the Busan-Goeye, Bosphorus and Femern Baelt projects as well as more advanced fixed link proposals such as the crossings of the Bering Straits and between Sri Lanka and India. As a sponsor of the event NPRA (Norweigian Public Road Administration) made a significant technical contribution to the sessions its tremendous experience in all types of crossings including the Bjorvika tunnel.

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