News - COOEE event on how new smart roads help cars reduce fuel consumption

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COOEE event on how new smart roads help cars reduce fuel consumption

DRD organises international seminar on new fuel-friendly asphalt pavement.


In 2012 The Danish Strategic Research Council granted 14 million DKK (approx. 2 million EUR) to the Danish Research project COOEE, focusing on producing the necessary scientific basis for a reduction of rolling resistance, ie. resistance between tires and road on Danish roads. Less rolling resistance equals less fuel consumption and thus a continuous reduction of CO2 emissions.  The project is expecting that 3-5% on fuel consumption can be saved, which is quite significantly, given that the transport sector is the “bad guy”, when it comes to CO2 emissions.

On 29-30th November 2012, 50 leading experts in the field are meeting at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters in Copenhagen to discuss challenges and perspectives on efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. This will apply both to specific theoretical and practical issues, as well as opportunities to boost the on-going international initiatives.

One of the issues on the agenda will be new research results from a test section, as well as opportunities to improve and test the asphalt pavement further. The results shows that the test section is more CO2-friendly than traditional asphalt pavement.

The COOEE (CO2 emission reduction by exploitation of rolling resistance modelling of pavements) project covers both computer simulations of the molecular composition of asphalt pavement and the development of models for rolling resistance "seen from the car." COOEE is a collaboration project between the Danish Road Directorate, Roskilde University, the Technical University of Denmark and NCC Roads.

For more information on the event, click here, see or contact  Bjarne Schmidt, senior researcher at FEHRL member, the Danish Road Directorate, (DRD) at 

FEHRL projects related to COOEE are MIRAVEC, Tyrosafe and MIRIAM.


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