News - DETRA WP3 and WP6 workshops planned in Berlin on 13-14th February 2012

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DETRA WP3 and WP6 workshops planned in Berlin on 13-14th February 2012

Focus will be on Strengthening Research Institutions (WP3) and international cooperation (WP6).


Wolfgang Steinicke of EURNEX, Task leader of WP3 within the DETRA project, is organising the third workshop on WP3 "Strengthening Research Institutions" and WP6 “international cooperation” to improve the European Research Area (ERA) supporting world class research on 13-14th February 2012 At the Technical University in Berlin. The workshop will give extensive room for discussions, prioritisation and focussing on the recommendations towards the ERA directive and procedures for implementation. Additional elements from WP6  will be included.


This workshop will cover:
  • Narrowing/prioritisation preliminary recommendations to make final recommendations to foster ERA deepening (awareness of European integration ready for discussion integrating WP6 (e.g. at TRA2012)
  • Recommendations to improve ERA supporting world class results within international cooperation of mutual agreed topics basing on interviews and questionnaires.

Presentations will be given by Frank Smit of the European Commission, Wolfgang Steinicke as well as road, rail, waterborne and aeronautics speakers. For more details, contact Wolfgang at WSteinicke@EURNEX.EU.


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