News - ECOROADS second international workshop on Roads &Tunnels Safety Management

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ECOROADS second international workshop on Roads &Tunnels Safety Management

Workshop to be held at European Economic and Social Committee, rue Belliard 99, 1000 Bruxelles, from 10:00 - 16:30


ECOROADS (Effective and Coordinated Road Infrastructure Safety Operations), is a H2020 project that aims to overcome the barrier established by a formal interpretation of the two Directives 2008/96/EC (on road infrastructure safety management) and 2004/54/EC (on tunnels), that in practice do not foresee the same Road Safety Audits/Inspections (RSA/RSI) to be performed on open roads and in tunnels. To overcome this barrier, the project will establish a common enhanced approach by applying the concepts (RSA/RSI) of the Directive 2008/96/CE to tunnels and in transition areas between tunnels and open roads, without jeopardising (but rather complementing) the usual tunnel safety management operations.
The 2° ECOROADS Workshop, to be held in Brussels on 2nd June at the European Economic and Social Committee, will be the opportunity to present the results of the first two Joint safety operations and more specifically:
  • Road Safety Inspection (RSI) was performed on March 06 and 07 2016 at the Kennedytunnel in Antwerpen (Belgium),
  • Road Safety Audit (RSA) and RSI were performed on April 05 and 06 at the Krraba tunnel, located along the Tirana – Elbasan highway in Albania.
The experts who participated to the test visits will discussed the main finding and outcomes of these activities together with the ECOROADS members. Furthermore the discussion will set the basis for the future Joint Safety Operations that will provide more elements on the benefits of joint safety operation both in tunnels and open roads. Click here to take a look at the agenda for the workshop and here for the registration form that you need to send to by 20th May 2016.


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