News - European City of Science Exhibition a success

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European City of Science Exhibition a success

During three days, the Exhibition which was held in Paris' fully restored Grand Palais drew 42.600 visitors, amongst whom many schoolchildren. Thanks to the information uploaded on the different projects, the website is a real catalog of European Science and has already been visited 200.000 times.





 The four FP6 projects CERTAIN, HEAVYROUTE, ARCHES and SPENS as well as the FP7 project TYROSAFE were well represented by a model bridge accompanied by posters, brochures, and video presentations.

Press coverage was adequate with various prime time reports on the French public channels and a direct live program on the FR3 - Ile de France regional channel. The inauguration speech was held by the European Commissioner responsible for Science and Research, Mr. Janez Potonik. French Environment and Energy minister Jean-Louis Borloo appreciated the explanations given on the work of FEHRL and in particular the chocolats brought from Brussels. More pictures.



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