News - FEHRL General Assembly (FGA) approves KGM as new member


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FEHRL General Assembly (FGA) approves KGM as new member

Karayolları Genel Mudurlugu (KGM) or Turkish General Directorate of Highways to join FEHRL as new member following FGA approval.


KGM, which stands for the Turkish General Directorate of Highways, was established in 1950 and affiliated to the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement. In 2007, the Directorate General was attached to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication. Click here for more information on KGM.

Ahmet Gürkan Güngör, Head of the Research and Development Department, is the FGA member from KGM. Ahmet graduated as a civil engineer, from Istanbul Technical University in 1990.

He received an M.Sc. in civil engineering from geotechnical department at Gazi University and started his professional life in the 17th Regional Division of the General Directorate of Highways in 1990. He worked in the fourth Regional Division and Research and Development Department as an engineer, chief and manager. 

His main areas of interest are geotechnical engineering, foundation engineering, pavement engineering, road construction and pavement management system. He is also the Secretary General of the Turkish Road Association.

Ebru Akis has been nominated as the FEHRL Research Coordinator (RC) and she took already part in the RC meeting on 7th June. Ebru has been working in KGM since 2001, and since February 2013 has been the Bituminous Binders Chief in the Pavement Development Division of the Soil and Rock Mechanics Division of the Research and Development Department. Before that, she worked as Tunnel Engineer, Chief of Tunnel Projects and Chief of Rock Mechanics in Soil and Rock Mechanics Division of Research and Development Department.

Ebru graduated from Middle East Technical University as a civil engineer in1995. She received her MSc. and PhD. degree in civil engineering from geotechnical department at the same university in 2001 and 2009, respectively. She started her professional life in 1995 in a construction firm and has also worked as a tunnel engineer in a project firm for two years.


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