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FEHRL participation at IRF2022 - Asia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


FEHRL was represented at the 4th International Road Federation Asia – Pacific Regional Congress and the 11th Malaysian Road Conference & Exhibition 2022 on 11th – 13th October 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by the Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General, Dr Thierry Goger and Dr Adewole Adesiyun, respectively.

Carrying the theme " A Pathway to Safe, Smart, & Resilient Road & Mobility Networks" the event focused on the future of road infrastructure, resilience, sustainability, road safety and new digital technologies that will transform the roads and mobility sector. The conference was attended by over 1000 participants from across the globe. 

Dr Thierry Goger and Dr Adewole Adesiyun gave presentations on the following projects and initiatives at executive and technical sessions:

➤ AUGMENTED CCAM (Augmenting and evaluating the physical and digital infrastructure for CCAM deployment) - Horizon Europe project 

➤ BISON (Mainstreaming biodiversity and transport infrastructure) - H2020 project

➤ INFRAROB (Maintaining integrity, performance and safety of the road infrastructure through autonomous robotized solutions and modularization) - H2020 project

➤ ALARTE (Remote long-term monitoring of critical infrastructure with key safety movement band tolerance in landslide vulnerable areas) H2020 project

➤ RESIST (Resilient transport Infrastructure to extreme events) - H2020 project

➤ SKILLFUL (Skills and competences development of future transportation professionals at all levels) – H2020 project

➤ Low Noise Pavements - FEHRL initiative

➤ MIRIAM (Models for rolling resistance in road) – FEHRL initiative

➤ The TRA2022 conference taking place in Lisbon on 14th – 17th November 2022 was also disseminated at the conference.

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