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FEHRL participation in EC FP7 Exhibition

FEHRL will participate in the "Research Connection 2009" event that will be organised under the Czech EU Presidency by the European Commission/DG Research. From May 7-8, selected EU-funded projects will be exhibited in Prague. The event will present three major ongoing research initiatives: The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), 2007-2013; The Structural Funds, 2007-2013 and The Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) 2007-2013


The event will be used to collect experience from these programmes so far direct from those who have been involved. This will then be used to stimulate better involvement and networking in the future.

This is what will be on offer:

  • Plenary sessions with the main European political players
  • Parallel sessions on EU research initiativesHands-on sessions with FP7 participants, European organisations, etc.
  • Presentations of successful projects to you and to the press.
  • Guidance on how to participate in EU research programmes (rules, tips, measures for small- and medium-sized enterprises, etc.)
  • Forum sessions on how to maximise your participation in EU research programmes organised on a 'bottom-up' basis by the participants themselves.

FEHRL will exhibit a model bridge with road works and will present all FP6 and FP7 projects with the various project posters and video presentations. However, we would like to invite our members to lend us either models that can illustrate their project or materials that are used for these projects.

For more information on registration etc. please turn to the EC website.

The programme is available here.



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