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Overview of BIOREPAVATION demonstration event

Event is a big success with 80-100 people - also see related information at


The BioRePavation project, which brings together a number of European countries and the United States, has set itself the goal of demonstrating that biosourced materials can be employed when recycling bituminous materials. To do this, they are testing three techniques that aim to reduce consumption of virgin aggregate and bitumen in pavement construction and maintenance. An innovative, non-destructive, micro-sampling based method of monitoring ageing is also being developed. In order to apply these techniques and prove their effectiveness on road networks, BioRePavation built a full-scale demonstrator on the pavement fatigue carousel at Ifsttar’s Nantes site. The resulting facility will make it possible to test and evaluate the proposed innovative solutions under real conditions.

In order to raise awareness of these new techniques among the road construction community, the BioRePavation project partners held an official opening day on Thursday 6th July 2017, which included presentations of BioRePavation and related Alterpave project and a visit of Ifsttar’s facilities. More than 100 stakeholders worldwide from the public and private sectors attended this absorbing demonstration event. For more information, see

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