News - First Pilot4Safety Road Safety Inspection training held

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First Pilot4Safety Road Safety Inspection training held

The first Pilot4Safety Road Safety Inspection (RSI) training was held at the BRRC office on 9-13th May 2011.


Led by Xavier Cocu of the BRRC, the training covered preliminary information such as:

• Accident analysis and statistics, Accident causation and risk assessment
• Principles of road safety engineering
• Characteristics and requirements of different (secondary) road users
• Characteristics of different secondary road types
• Characteristics of different intersection types
• Road Safety Engineering Measures and design standards
• Fundamental Safety Elements
• Typical safety deficiencies + safety treatments

Delegates came from the five project partners - Prefectural Authority of Thessaloniki, CDV (Czech Republic), Randers Municipality (Denmark), ASTRAL Spa (Italy) and the Generalitat de Catalunya (Spain) - and also included additional interested parties from the Lazio region of Italy, the Brussels, Flemish and Walloon regions and CDV.

For more information on the training, contact Xavier Cocu at For more details on Pilot4Safety in general, contact Adewole Adesiyun at


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