News - FORx4 co-modal transport initiative document now published

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FORx4 co-modal transport initiative document now published

FORx4 initiaitve is 'point of view' document focusing on four domains of Infrastructure, Technology, Governance and Customers.


As already announced in the FEHRL September/October newsletter, FEHRL member TRL has been developing a new FORx4 initiaitve. Click here or on the document attached below to access the new FORx4 co-modal transport initiative document that has just been published. A Powerpoint presentation is also available here or attached below. This FORx4 initiaitve aims to further develop the research programme identified under Forever Open Road (FOR); re-setting this against all four modes, within the context of the recent Roadmap produced by the joint European Technology Platform (ETP) task force on transport infrastructure research and innovation for Horizon 2020.

At this stage, it is intended that the document form a ‘point of view’ document, in readiness for the detailed development of the research themes, topics and demonstrators. It is designed to provide thinking towards integrated mobility and position FEHRL as an attractive partner for projects concerning transport infrastructure.

The initiaitve describes the drivers influencing co-modal transport and the challenges facing Europe from increased demand for travel and the movement of goods, combined with the high costs of building and maintaining transport infrastructure, the impacts of ageing infrastructure, the scarcity of natural resources, need for the decarbonisation of transport, and safety and security impacts.

It develops co-modal research themes for four domains - Infrastructure, Technology, Governance and Customers, identifying the main aims of the research needed to meet the challenges ahead, and the topic areas to be addressed. Key to the way forward is the development of construction and maintenance techniques for routes and interchanges supported by shared technologies and systems that will underpin the transformation of the European transport network. The overall objective is to provide advanced thinking on integrated transport to encourage other modes to develop a better functioning transport system with FEHRL, and other platforms to contribute their point of view.

The next steps for FORx4 are to take it out to consultation, initially to FEHRL members, and subsequently to external stakeholders and potential partners. When finalised, it will contribute to the future thinking and direction of transport in Europe. For more information, contact Martin Lamb of TRL (


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