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German Federal Transport Minister presents Road of the 21st Century programme

German Federal Transport Minister presents Road of the 21st Century programme developed by BASt and BMVBS.


German Federal Transport Minister, Peter Ramsauer, together with the German Road Director, Josef Kunz, and the President of BASt, Stefan Strick, presented the "Road of the 21st Century - Innovative German Road Engineering" research programme on 10th October 2012 in Berlin. The programme provides the framework of research activities for roads and should give momentum to innovation for road construction. This programme was developed in close cooperation with FEHRL member, BASt. The road construction department of the Federal Ministry for Traffic, Construction and Town Development (Bundesministeriums für Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung (BMVBS)  put the programme together in collaboration with BASt to cover their joint research activities.

The programme is dedicated to the functional further development of roads as a safe and reliable means of transport and focuses on the use of intelligent techniques and materials in future construction. Roads in the future should be responsible for producing fewer emissions and using less energy. Part of this framework research programme includes research standards that deal with the development of new concepts and technologies. 

The research programme was also featured at this year's German Road and Traffic Congress on 16th and 17th October 2012 in Leipzig . And on 31st October, some projects that have already been completed will be presented at  a seminar in BASt on the theme of "Innovations in Bridge Construction and Engineering".

The complete research programme can be found both on the BASt website and the BMVBS website, as well as a film on the Modular Fast Reparing System for Concrete Pre-Fabricated Components. Also see here an article written by the German Transport Publication DVZ.

Contact Petra Peter-Antonin at for more information on the "Road of the 21st Century" programme. 











Federal Transport Minister Ramsauer presented the Research Programme developed with BASt to the press in Berlin. BASt President Stefan Strick is on the right of the photo.


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