News - HEALROAD: promoting the self-healing technique

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HEALROAD: promoting the self-healing technique


A main priority for the road sector is to optimise the performance of the network. This means to extend the road lifetime to face challenges (i.e. higher traffic demand, climate change, increase of heavy goods vehicles, scarcity of funding, etc). A new and cost-effective solution is the development of the induction heating technique for the pavement.  HEALROAD Project, co-funded by INFRAVATION, aims at overcoming the technical barriers for the future industrialization and market uptake of self-healing asphalt mixes via induction heating. In this sense, the research has focused  on five specific parameters:

    • Properties of the bitumen

    • Induction heating time

    • Maximum heating temperature

    • Effect of aging and successive damage-healing series

    • Up-scaling/recyclability of the mixture


The workshop to be held on 26th October at the new duraBASt facility (Cologne, Germany) will offer further technical details completed with an onsite visit to the HEALROAD demonstration area. Register here and click here to see the draft agenda. For further information, please contact the coordination team:







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