News - Heavy vehicle workshop 06

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Heavy vehicle workshop 06

Today,  FEHRL held a workshop on Heavy vehicle issues at its Brussels premises.  Approximately fifty European and international participants contributed to the active debates on the challenges and opportunities of heavy vehicles on Europe’s road networks.  Such important issues are reflected in FEHRL's  SERRP IV document and delegates worked hard to considered how the agreed programme of work could be achieved.


Participants from Road Authorities, CEDR, OECD, EC, truck and tyre industries as well as research providers reached general conclusion that time was pressing for more coordination of the various programmes of activities undertaken at a national level.   The delegates heard from IRU (International Road Union) about the enormous costs incurred by hauliers in Europe and opportunities for fuel and environmental savings.  Volvo offered a joined-up vision of what the truck industry could offer and the specific needs of EU new member states and neighbouring countries.  Road Authorities talked about the opportunities for further traffic safety improvements and reductions in road damage and infrastructure costs.
A number of concrete proposals were made for cooperation and FEHRL will be working with its key partners in developing the identified activities.


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