News - HEROAD project workshop to be held in conjunction with EPAM2012

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HEROAD project workshop to be held in conjunction with EPAM2012

HEROAD project workshop on 5th September 2012 at EPAM2012 in Malmö, Sweden to include overview and discussion of key project areas


The HEROAD project will hold a workshop in conjunction with the EPAM2012 conference in Malmö, Sweden on Wednesday 5th September 2012 from 4-5.30 pm. This workshop will discuss the results to date from the project and collect feedback on these results.

The session will be moderated and concluded by UK consultant Chris Britton  and will include an introduction to the project by Project Coordinator, Leif Sjögren of VTI and a short overview and discussion on each of the following key project areas by project and FEHRL members:

  • Understanding pavement performance (by Emma Benbow of TRL)
  • Understanding structure performance (by Ales Znidaric of ZAG) 
  • Understanding environment performance (by Manfred Haider of AIT)
  • Understanding pavement equipment (by Christophe Casse of BRRC)
  • Overview road performance (by Leif Sjögren) 

The HEROAD project aims to investigate the holistic process to incorporate new challenges into asset management. It is part of the overall ERA-NET Road Asset Management programme which comprises the following seven projects:

  5. EVITA
  6. ASCAM

The EVITA, ASCAM and PROCROSS projects will also feature at EPAM2012. For more details on HEROAD, see or contact For more details on the Asset Management programme, contact Mikkel Bruun at




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