News - Israel National Roads Company publishes tenders and looks for pavement marking input

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Israel National Roads Company publishes tenders and looks for pavement marking input

The Israel National Roads Company publishes several tenders and looks for input on pavement markings.


Below are the details of the most recent tenders from the Israel National Roads Company (INRC). More information from Ruth Lancet at Click on the FEHRL Opportunities page for the latest information on calls for proposals and other project opportunities. 

  1. Tender for Widening of Road 75: The Israel National Roads Company is publishing a tender for the widening of northern Road 75, at a financial scope of 220 million NIS over a two year period. Road 75 is an east-west road from Kishon junction in east Haifa to Nazareth junction. As part of the tender, the road will be doubled and turned into a two-lane, bidirectional road over the six kilometers between Ishay junction and Nahalal junction. The relatively large scope of the tender is due to the complexity of the project, that requires moving and replanting ancient oak and olive trees along the route. The route suffers from traffic congestion, and projects to double capacity are also being carried out in its vicinity, in Roads 77 and 79 to the north of Road 75. At a later stage, construction of an interchange in Ishay junction is planned. For additional information, please contact Yevgeny Artsev at
  2. Ha'emek Railway Pushes Onwards: Another tender is published for the historic Ha'emek Railway, totaling 250 million NIS. Transport Minister, Yisrael Katz: "The project is part of the Netivei Israel plan designed to create a network of rapid roads and trains from Kiryat Shemona to Eilat". Please see attached document for further details. For additional information, please contact Yevgeny Artsev at
  3. Green Light for Road 9 Construction Tender: The road, whose planned length is 10 Km., will connect Hadera and surrounding towns with Road 6 in the Sharon region; the tender for construction of the road will be published based on the Design Build method. The project is estimated to cost about 700 million NIS. The purpose of the new road is to help regulate interurban traffic in the Sharon region, and its construction is scheduled to be completed in three years. It will be a ten kilometer long highway with two lanes in each direction. The planned road speed will be 110 KPH. As part of the project, a new interchange will be built – the Hadera South interchange – that will connect the city of Hadera and Emek Hefer towns to the new road, providing access to Roads 4 and 6. Five new bridges will be built along the road, as well as five agricultural passages – both overhead and underground.

INRC looks for input on removing/masking pavement markings

The INRC – as other road authorities and highway agencies in the world – is very often required in its highway projects to remove/mask existing pavement markings, permanently or for a limited time period. In its experience, this requirement poses difficulties and challenges.
INRC would like to learn from your own experiences and receive information on technical solutions that have overcome these difficulties and would be grateful to receive any input that you think will be helpful: specifications, approved technical solutions, guidelines, research reports, etc. Contact Ruth Lancet at with your input.




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