News - Joint ETP Task Force workshop to be held in Brussels on 28th September 2012

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Joint ETP Task Force workshop to be held in Brussels on 28th September 2012

Renaissance hotel in Brussels is venue for Joint ETP Task Force workshop to be held on 28th September 2012.


The newly formed inter-European Technology Platform (ETP) Task Force on Transport Infrastructure research is organising a workshop at the Renaissance hotel in Brussels on  September 28th 2012 from 9 am to 1 pm). All transport infrastructure stakeholders are invited to this event. Click here if you would like to register.

In this workshop, the first draft for a single European transport infrastructure research and innovation roadmap will be discussed. This roadmap will support the efforts to drive a cross-modal innovation programme on infrastructure under Horizon 2020. The roadmap, synthesised from the various available strategic research agenda’s and roadmaps of the ETPs, will be demand-driven and reflect the societal objectives for affordable mobility in clear terms. The first draft for discussion in the ETP boards will be available no later than October 2012, after which discussion with decision-making levels in the European Commission services and Member States will commence. 
The significance of this roadmap for FEHRL’s efforts towards the funding of road research is clear: the content of FEHRL’s  flagship Forever Open Road (FOR) programme will be represented and it will also reinforce FEHRL’s deployment of ‘FOR x 4’ as the extension of the FOR programme. 
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