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New Research Coordinator for VTI within FEHRL

Anita Ihs, new Head of Research Department Infrastructure within VTI, has replaced Gunilla Franzén as FEHRL Research Coordinator.


Anita Ihs has just taken oven the position as Head of Research Department Infrastructure at FEHRL institute member VTI to replace Gunilla Franzén, who has just left VTI. In this role, she will replace Gunilla as Research Coordinator (RC) for FEHRL. Anita will also keep her current position as Research Director for the Infrastructure Maintenance Division.

Anita started in 1994 as project manager and researcher at VTI within the field of road maintenance and operations. She has been working with R&D contracts from the Swedish Road Administration, as well as the European Commission and other clients. One major field of research concerns pavement management systems and in this case particularly models describing the road user effects of the road surface condition. In 2009, she became Research Director for the Infrastructure Maintenance Division.

Gunilla started in VTI in 2007 as Research Director of the Pavement engineering Division, and in 2009 also took over as Head of Research Department Infrastructure, which consists of the Pavement Engineering, Maintenance, Crash Safety, Measurement Technology and Engineering Division.

Gunilla will be missed within FEHRL. She has been in contact with FEHRL since she joined VTI, when she and Anita attended a FEHRL training course in Brussels during the spring of 2007. She attended her first RC meeting in December 2008 in Lyon and since then has participated in the SIMBA II, EUTRAIN, DETRA, Direct-Mat, Re-Road (quality manager) projects. She also took part in the FEHRL Working Group for Research Infrastructures and the scanning tours to the USA.


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