News - OPTIMISM project launches second questionnaire on future mobility scenarios

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OPTIMISM project launches second questionnaire on future mobility scenarios

The second expert online questionnaire on future mobility scenarios has been launched at Please take a few minutes to complete it before 21st December 2012!


 As part of its activities, the OPTIMISM project has launched a forecasting study to build future mobility scenarios. To this aim, a Delphi survey is being carried out which includes a first expert online questionnaire, an expert workshop, and a second expert online questionnaire. For the results of the first online questionnaire and the workshop, a report is available at
This is the second expert online questionnaire which builds on the results of the previous stages of the Delphi study.  The questionnaire aims to collect expert opinions on the likelihood of implementation by 2030/2050 of the EU-level policy measures considered in the Impact Assessment of the European Commission’s 2011 transport White Paper;  two different energy (oil) price scenarios are considered.
The questionnaire consists of two parts (part A and part B), one for each of the two oil price scenarios, because it is assumed that the likelihood of a policy measure being implemented depends on the possible oil price. The first scenario is the reference scenario according to the European Commission’s scenario studies, the second is an alternative scenario. A brief description of each scenario is provided at the beginning of the relevant part. At the end of each section there is space for suggestions and comments. All information provided to this survey will be treated anonymously.

FEHRL is responsible for Dissemination and Awareness within the OPTIMISM project - see for more details on FEHRL's role.


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