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Overview of TRA2016 Invited Session on REFINET, FOX and USE-iT projects


The invited session on REFINET, FOX and USE-it was carried out in April 20th at TRA 2016 in Warsaw on "Increasing the Performance of Multimodal Transport Infrastructure through stakeholder engagement and European-wide shared vision". There were about 50 participants and this session was coordinated by FEHRL. Thierry Goger, FEHRL Secretary General, introduced the session and acted as moderator throughout the event.

A presentation on REFINET were done by Alain Zarli of CSTB and presentations on FOX & USE-it were done by Ewa Zowka of IBIDIM, Ursula Blume of BASt and Martin Lamb of Maple Consulting. The closing of this invited session was done by Jesús Rodríguez of PTEC.

Alain Zarli summarised the REFINET multi-modal transport infrastructure model, developed from the documents of different Technology Platforms and other Associations that was coordinated by Tecnalia. CSTB also presented the work under progress on the collection of best practices and analysis of available technologies that is being coordinated by Dragados and Arup. 

Ewa Zowka presented an overview of the USE-iT project  and Ursula Blume the FOX project, followed by Martin Lamb who outlined the next steps. Photos of the session can be seen here and at the IBDiM overview of the third day here.

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