News - PILOT4SAFETY project holds final meeting at FEHRL offices

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PILOT4SAFETY project holds final meeting at FEHRL offices

Final project meeting focusing on completing deliverables and agreeing on next steps.


The final meeting for the PILOT4SAFETY project, coordinated by Dr Adewole Adesiyun of FEHRL, took place on Friday 25th May 2012 in the FEHRL offices in Brussels. The meeting focused on completing deliverables and agreeing on next steps for the project, which has been running for two years and was completed on 31st May 2012.  

Members of the project team (shown in the photo below) presented the details of the next steps and the final deliverables, which will be published shortly in the third and final PILOT4SAFETY newsletter.

Adewole Adesiyun commented that this has been one of the best projects in all his years of experience. This would not have been possible without the active participation of all the partners. He thanks the trainees who took part for all the input and contribution.

This meeting was preceded by the second meeting of the PILOT4SAFETY Reference Group meeting on the afternoon of Thursday 24th May 2012. More details on PILOT4SAFETY can be found at


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