News - PUBLICATION: FOREVER OPEN ROAD Programme - The Automate Roadmap

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PUBLICATION: FOREVER OPEN ROAD Programme - The Automate Roadmap

The Automated Road - A Roadmap for Research: An Element of the Forever Open Road (December 2018)


The FEHRL-initiated FOREVER OPEN ROAD Programme works towards a next generation of advanced and affordable roads that can be adopted both for maintaining the existing network and building new roads. This will enable road operators to adopt emerging innovations, whilst overcoming the increasing constraints on capacity, sustainability, reliability and integration. Forever Open Road will also contribute substantially to the way the road transport sector addresses societal challenges.


This Roadmap describes the societal challenges to be addressed by Forever Open Road and the Roadmap for the research and development programme that has been developed for the Automated Road Element.


This Roadmap is based on the following two innovation themes:

1)      Intelligent Traffic Management Strategies (ITMS)

2)      Advanced Infrastructure Communication Systems (AICS)


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The Automated Road


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