News - REFINET Workshop held on 16th March 2016 in London, UK

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REFINET Workshop held on 16th March 2016 in London, UK


The REFINET workshop was organised on 16th March 2016 in London by Terry Hill (ARUP). The morning session started with a speech by Terry Hill, who welcomed participants to the REFINET workshop. The organisers briefly presented an overview of the REFINET project, vision and challenges. Also, the definition of the REFINET Multimodal Model for Transport Infrastructure (RMMTI), collecting the best practices, was presented. The workshop included the overview of the projects and initiatives, analysis of available technologies, REFINET selection and evaluation criteria for European and international research on REFINET topics.

Experts had interesting presentations about the rail infrastructure innovation towards a European integrated transport system as well as the analysis of available technologies towards the RMMTI.

The morning session started with the participants’ brainstorming. It was a beneficial discussion on the challenges and technological priority areas for the European Multimodal Transport. The afternoon session introduced the scope, barriers and timeline for implementation of research priorities for the European Multimodal Infrastructure. Experts showed their knowledge and interests on the particular areas.



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