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Reflecting on the Vibrant Highlights of TRA 2024 in Dublin

FEHRL at TRA24: Pioneering the future of mobility and transport through groundbreaking research, dynamic sessions, and vibrant networking opportunities, fostering collaboration and innovation on a global scale.


The Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2024 conference held in Dublin has been nothing short of extraordinary. It offers a comprehensive glimpse into the future of mobility and transport research. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the Irish stakeholders whose dedication and efforts made this event a resounding success. 
Day 1: Setting the Stage for Innovation 
The Opening Ceremony commenced with a thought-provoking address by Eamon Ryan TD, the Irish Minister for Transport and Climate Change, emphasising the urgent need for radical change in transportation towards sustainability. We welcomed the TRA Visions winners and DG-Move Director General, Magda Kopczynska, at our shared stand with ECTRI and EURNEX, marking the beginning of engaging discussions and networking opportunities. Following the lunch break, Strategic Session 1.2, expertly moderated by Thierry Goger, delved into the future workforce and skills required for the evolving transportation landscape. The session was an opportunity to showcase cambiaMO, AMIGOS and SPINE projects. Then, the Young Researcher evening celebrated innovation and the 35-year journey of FEHRL, led by Aleš Žnidarič, FEHRL president.

Click here to see DAY 1 photos 

Day 2: Nurturing Innovation and Collaboration 
Thierry Goger attended a special session focusing on BISON project outcomes, highlighting the critical role of research and innovation in addressing challenges related to infrastructure and biodiversity. The Research Village stand continued to be a hub for presentations and networking during the lunch break. After that, Special Session 3.7 focused on advancing resilience in transport operations and infrastructure, attracting a significant audience. The session was an opportunity showcase the outcomes of the InfraROB project. The day concluded with the Gala Dinner at The Guinness Storehouse, fostering participant camaraderie. 
Day 3: Exploring Cutting-Edge Initiatives 
The ACCAM and PoDIUM joint session, "Infrastructure Support for CCAM," drew a crowd of around 50 attendees, underscoring the significance of this emerging field. To know more about that session and read the presentations, click here.
At lunch, the next TRA was discussed with the TRA26 get-together meeting.
Following that meeting, Thierry Goger and Adewole Adesiyun participated in a special session on Electric Roads Systems, highlighting FEHRLs commitment to innovative transportation solutions. The day continued with strategic sessions, networking opportunities, and the University Gustave Eiffel Cocktail at the Research Village stand, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. 
Day 4: Culmination and Celebration 
Dr. Agnès Jullien, Vice President of International Affairs at Gustave Eiffel University and FEHRL Board member, along with Prof. Tatiana Kováčiková, an ERA Chair researcher in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) at the University of Žilina, organized and led a special session under the FEHRL titled "Enriching Our Training with 'Action Research' Based on Future Challenges." This session showcased case studies from various European cities, highlighting the integration of training, research, and public policy. Representatives from European university alliances discussed the challenges of research for sustainable, safe, and resilient cities, sharing their experiences on how knowledge development benefits students. Additionally, representatives from two European networks, FEHRL (focused on transport infrastructure) and POLIS (an associate member since 2021), provided insights into their research dissemination activities with stakeholders, including cities and regions. Preliminary results from the WIDENING InCITIES project were presented, emphasizing a proposed model for developing practical training sessions based on research activities.. Around 35 people attended the session. The Research Village stand remained abuzz with presentations and networking during the lunch break. In the afternoon, the Closing Ceremony marked the end of TRA 2024, followed by a dinner celebrating the successful conclusion of the conference with board members. 
To know more about the presentations at the Research Village stand: read this article
To see photos of TRA24 events, click here, and to see FEHRL Stand photos, click on this link

See you at next the Transport Research Arena in 2026!  


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