News - Research Village Associations - DAY 3 - #TRA2022

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Research Village Associations - DAY 3 - #TRA2022

Presentations are available



Research Village Associations Activities

Wednesday - 16 November 2022 

The Research Village Associations (FEHRL, ECTRI, EURNEX)  had four days of intensive activities and counted on experts presenting their amazing work on different themes.

 Here you have the presentations from DAY 3:

👉 Assist. Prof Dr Aleš Žnidarič (ZAG, Slovenia)

Presentation : ZAG organisation


 👉 Dr Artem Bezuglyi (DNDI, Ukraine)

Presentation: DNDI organisation


 👉 Dr Jonas Jansson (VTI, Sweden)

Presentation: Electrification of transports and battery swapping


 👉 M.Sc. Michal Karkowski (IBDIM, Poland)

Presentation: Project Intelligent, scalable system for extracting and analysing semi-acoustic signals


 👉 Dr Jessica Berg (VTI, Sweden)

Presentation: Mistra Sams program





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