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Road Transport Contributing to a Sustainable Society

The second day of the Göteborg 2006 Transport Research Arena opened today with a keynote session on developing the future of road transport.  In a detailed and thought-provoking presentation, the FEHRL President - Mr Jorgen Christensen - examined the role of research in preparing for change in the road transort system.  Developing concepts expanded in FEHRL’s Vision 2025, he described a series of scenarios of the future and the role that research must play.   He concluded by examining how road infrastructure will need to be defined in the future.


In this future, the overlap between physical infrastructure, the communications infrastructure and the financial infrastructure will become increasingly blurred and a rethink the challenge was to develop the research communicty to antipcate their new roles.

Mr Christensen shared the session with Mr Michael MEYER, Chairman TRB Executive Committee; USA who explored The Potential for Greater Cooperation between U.S. and European Research Programs and Prof. Georgios GIANNOPOULOS, President of ECTRI.

The speech and presentation are available below.


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