News - SEACON project holds first demonstration event

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Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

SEACON project holds first demonstration event

SEACON Forum, workshop and demonstration event all held over two days


About 40 people attended the SEACON Forum on the morning of 3rd May 2017. Katerine Petros, on behalf of FHWA and the other funders, opened the Forum and briefly explained the Infravation Programme and its aim. Thierry Goger, on behalf of the Management Group of Infravation, added that the demonstration of the positive results of this first ever trans-atlantic reseach programme and their impartial assessment in term of Technological Readiness Level are crucial for the Industry and the National Road Authorities. Various presentations of each Work Packages were delivered in order to give a complete picture of the progress of the SEACON to the audience. Click here to see the agenda and here for a video from this Forum .

On 3rd May in the afternoon, a complementary workshop focused on the Halls River Bridge was held at the Florida Department of Transportation. A hundred stakeholders from several States in the USA and a few from Europe participated in the lively presentations, highlighting the technical development and issues related to the demonstration activity.

On the morning of 4th May, a demonstration event was held at the Halls River Bridge Replacement Site supervised by the US-DOT of Florida. Around 50 stakeholders joined the event and could observe the testing of the innovative approach of SEACON, in particular the use of seawater in concrete (non-structural) elements of the bridge.

The afternoon of the 4th was reserved to an assessment of the innovative technologies developed within SEACON. A panel of four experts in the field, chaired by the Scientific Panel of Infravation (Katerine Petros and Thierry Goger), and supported by the experienced team of the Vope Center at FHWA, conducted the first phase of the assessment. The conclusion of the panel will be given in a few weeks from now, and will be provided to the funders of Infravation in order to support the next steps towards the implementation of SEACON Project.




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