News - SKILLFUL project organises road workshop on 26th September in Greece: 1st Pan-European SAFE STRIP Workshop on following day

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SKILLFUL project organises road workshop on 26th September in Greece: 1st Pan-European SAFE STRIP Workshop on following day

Workshop entitled “Future Requirements & Training Challenges in Road Transport Employment“ in Thessaloniki, Greece (10.00-13.00).


Some of the SKILLFUL objectives, relevant to this Workshop, are the following: 

  • to identify the major trends that will shape the future transportation ecosystem of Europe,
  • to critically review the current practices of skills development for the needs of all transport modes in EU,
  • to review and analyse the most promising new and emerging training methodologies and schemes in order to design appropriate training for the future and evolving requirements of the transport workforce.

As a result, the project will be able to identify potential gaps in availability of training schemes and programmes and to ensure the best possible match between the future training/education offer and the future job transport requirements. For the purpose of this, SKILLFUL look at the current state of play in a number of countries and try to form a common opinion along the three levels, namely: Strategic, Tactical and Operational.

Expected outcomes:

To collect participants view on:

  •  Future jobs in the area of road transport

 Gaps in education
 New technologies
 Necessary skills for jobs in road transport 

  •  Development of a map of the educational needs and skills needed in future jobs related to road transport.

The participation to the workshop is free. Register here!

27th September 2017 – 1st Pan-European SAFE STRIP Workshop

On the following day, the SAFE STRIP project Consortium will organize its 1st Pan-European Workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece, as a forerunner to the 8th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH (ICTR 2017).

The workshop will bring together all of SAFE STRIP’s stakeholder clusters to discuss priorities regarding the goals of the project. The focus of the discussions will be on SAFE STRIP’s targeted applications and use cases in alignment with European-level priorities and roadmaps in the domain of C-ITS.

The programme will begin with a presentation of the vision and implementation approach of the project, and will be followed by key note speeches by renowned experts in the field. The workshop will conclude with a roundtable discussion among all participants around the goals of the project in convergence with the latest progress and roadmaps in the C-ITS domain. 

Entry for the workshop is free. See the workshop programme here and register here!  





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