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Three Forever Open Road roadmaps now available

Three Forever Open Road roadmaps now available for each of the elements - Adaptable, Automated and Resilient Road


Click here to access the electronic version of the three Forever Open Road roadmaps - one each for the Adaptable, Automated and Resilient Road elements, respectively, that have just been finalised in electronic format and are now being printed for distribution in the near future to key stakeholders.

The publication of these roadmaps culminates a process started in 2011 to feed into FEHRL's fifth Strategic European Road Research Programme (SERRP V), and they were further developed and refined by the Forever Open Road Experts Group (FOREX) throughout 2012. Each roadmap identifies the priorities for future research actions up to 2030, broken down into Innovation Themes which outline the steps and predicted timelines required for:

  • Research and Development
  • Demonstration
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Market Introduction 

The roadmaps build on a basis of national and industrial programmes on road research, truly rendering Forever Open Road a programme of programmes. They include chapters on the External Drivers for each respective element, the Scope and Approach (which includes the Innovation Themes), as well as the specific milestones and reference to key national programmes. These programmes include “Route 5eme Generation; R5G” in France, “Road in the 21st century; R21C” in Germany, “Coastal Highway Route E39” in Norway and the “Exploratory Advanced Research Program; EAR” in the USA.

Two Innovation Themes with the Adaptable Road element, entitled "Asset Management Challenges for Road Networks" and "Transport Infrastructure Integrated with Land Use Planning (TIILUP)" have already developed their own "sub-roadmaps" which are in the process of being finalised. Other Innovation Themes within each element are set to follow with their own sub-roadmaps. Implementation of the roadmaps will ultimately lead to a comprehensive portfolio of proven solutions that builds on state of the art practices. System trials will demonstrate the viability of the respective solutions.

The roadmaps have so far been presented by Bob Collis, FOREX Chairman, to selected stakeholders in December 2012, as well as at a Forever Open Road webinar for FEHRL members on 9th January 2013 (click here to access the presentation from this webinar and see photos below).  More awareness-raising activities are set to follow. Contact Catherine Birkner, FEHRL Communications Officer, with any questions and if you would like to receive a printed copy of the roadmaps.  


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