News - TRIMM project organises four national workshops

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TRIMM project organises four national workshops

TRIMM project organises national workshops in Poland, Turkey, Romania and Czech Republic.


The Tomorrow's Road and Infrastructure Monitoring and Management (TRIMM) project is holding the following four national workshops at FEHRL members in Poland, Turkey, Romania and Czech Republic.

The events are being held in the run up and after the project's final conference in Brussels on 23-24th October 2014 to bring the project to key national stakeholders. These one-day events, free of cost, will include presentations and discussions on the possibilities and needs in road infrastructure assessment. There will be a mix of speeches from TRIMM project partners and FEHRL member researchers which cover: 

  • New and emerging technologies for road and bridge monitoring 
  • Continuous monitoring of bridges 
  • High speed monitoring of road pavements 
  • Multi-purpose monitoring for application across all levels of road asset management
  • Enhancing the role of condition data in asset management 
  • Reducing costs and environmental impact, increasing efficiency and safety 

For more information and to register, please click on the individual links above and/or contact FEHRL Events Officer, Isabelle Lucchini at


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