News - Tyre Labels to Show Fuel Efficiency, Safety and Noise

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Tyre Labels to Show Fuel Efficiency, Safety and Noise

According to the European Parliament’s  Industry Committee,  Tyre buyers will be better informed about their fuel-efficiency, safety and noise performance thanks to a mandatory tyre label proposal they voted through on Tuesday.  Like the European energy label, the tyre label will use fuel-efficiency classes ranging from best-performance (green “A” class) to worst (red “G” class). It will also show the tyre's wet grip and noise performance.


Suppliers must show fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise classes in any technical promotional literature for tyres (fitted to passenger cars, light and heavy duty vehicles), says the report drafted by Ivo Belet (EPP-ED, BE).  The label will also have to be attached, e.g. as a sticker, to car and van tyres tyres, says the committee. Tyre manufacturers must also mould into each sidewall the rolling resistance, wet grip and noise emission values as measured in the type approval test, says another amendment adopted by the committee. 
To promote low-noise tyres, the committee inserted a provision in the text for a new "low noise mark", showing a tyre with earmuffs if the noise level for car tyres is below 68 decibels  or 70 decibels for truck tyres.  The new law also states that Member States may provide incentives only for tyres ranked at least "class C" on fuel efficiency and wet grip. 
For further information visit the European Parliament’s website.


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