News - USE-iT, FOX and REFINET feature at TRB2016

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USE-iT, FOX and REFINET feature at TRB2016

Workshop on Cross-Modal Transport Infrastructure held on 13th January 2016 at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting in Washington, DC


This workshop, organised by the three Horizon 2020 projects USE-iT (Users, Safety, Security and Energy in Transport Infrastructure), FOX (Forever Open Infrastructure across (X) all Transport Modes) and REFINET (Rethinking Future Infrastructure Networks), provided an overview of these three European initiatives currently underway to pursue the development of a more integrated multi-modal transportation network. USE-iT, FOX and REFINET each address different aspects of this overall effort, with the results from FOX and USE-iT feeding into REFINET. Representatives briefly introduced the objectives, strategies, and activities of each effort. Following these overview presentations, a more in-depth presentation was provided on the initial results from FOX, highlighting findings on the state of the art and best practices for addressing key challenges in specific modes, along with the identification of initial areas for cross-modal application of those solutions. A similar in-depth presentation was then provided on USE-iT, highlighting the approach to identifying common challenges and potentially promising research avenues that might have cross-modal application. Lastly, a detailed presentation on REFINET explored that project’s efforts to develop a new framework for multi-modal infrastructure, integrate outcomes from FOX and USE-iT, combine those outcomes with the model to develop a new vision for that infrastructure, and ultimately provide incentives to public and private sectors to invest in the needed R&D. A brief outline of key framing questions was provided, along with a rough timeline for completing the project, with final deliverables planned for the 2017 TRB Annual Meeting.

Click here to access the presentations from the event and contact  USE-iT and FOX Project Coordinator Thierry Goger ( with any questions.


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