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WGs on Guidelines for the future of TEN-T

European CommissionDG TREN are preparing a Commission proposal for guidelines of TEN-T to be published in early 2010. For this reason, they are forming six working groups and would like 'key stakeholders' participation. The chair of these working groups are also available, however it seems clear that the first two chairs have been earmarked, this is not the case for the rest.


The working groups will be on:

  1. Methodology for TEN-T planning. They are looking for experts representing a broad range of organisations and 'special fields': MSs experts in transport infrastructure master planning, experts in territorial planning, economists, scientists, experts in forecasting and forward studies, environmental planners, infrastructure managers and major users
  2. Integration of transport policy into TEN-T planning. Experts representing different transport sectors, both on the infrastructural and service sides, experts with a co-modal perspective are particularly welcome
  3. Intelligent transport systems and new technologies within the framework of the TEN-T. Experts in ITS/ICT, new vehicle technologies, transport infrastructure planners and operators, scientists, major players in freight (and passenger) transport, specialists in clean energy
  4. TEN-T and connections outside the EU. Experts from MSs, neighbouring countries and those in the know on infrastructure planning between EU and the outside.
  5. TEN-T financing. Experts from the financial markets (banks, infrastructure funds, pensions), infrastructure managers, transport ministries and public administrations involved in project planning and delivery, transport economists.
  6. Legal issues and non-financing instruments for TEN-T implementation. Lawyers in the main

Clearly, our main interest will be with WG3 but WGs 4 & 5 may also be of interest for some institutes.  If you have an interest please let the FEHRL office know and we will informally inform DG TREN before their process starts officially.


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