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30.04.2009 00:04
FEHRL: New Office Assistant

The FEHRL secretariat wishes a warm welcome to its new Office Assistant: Sylvia Derveaux.  Ms Derveaux, who joined the FEHRL Office end of April 2009 has a Bachelor in Business Administration from UBI (United Business Institute) and speaks French, English, German fluently with good skills in Spanish. She also has a two year experience in Office Management. Ms Derveaux will mainly be in charge of administrative tasks, but will also maintain the FEHRL website and the FEHRLopedia.

27.04.2009 00:04
FEHRL booth at Research Connection 2009

On May 7 and 8, FEHRL will participate in the "Research Connection 2009" event that will be organised under the Czech EU Presidency by the European Commission/DG Research. For more information on registration etc. please turn to the EC website. The programme of the conference and workshops is available here. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

06.04.2009 00:04
Tyre Labels to Show Fuel Efficiency, Safety and Noise

According to the European Parliament’s  Industry Committee,  Tyre buyers will be better informed about their fuel-efficiency, safety and noise performance thanks to a mandatory tyre label proposal they voted through on Tuesday.  Like the European energy label, the tyre label will use fuel-efficiency classes ranging from best-performance (green “A” class) to worst (red “G” class). It will also show the tyre's wet grip and noise performance.

03.04.2009 00:04
The challenges facing Europe’s road in a changing climate

 Under the title ‘Road Owners Adapting to Climate Change’,  highway authorities and researchers meet for two days in Oslo to examine the key challenges.  The event was organised bythe Norwegian Public Road Administration (NPRA)  on 31st March and 1st April.  Following presentations from numerous countries about the problems they face and the measures being taken,  researchers from four ERA-NET ROAD sponsored projects gave an overview of their activities on the topic.

03.04.2009 00:04
HeavyRoute final Seminar, 9-10 June 2009

Bringing together representatives from the road related industry, road decision makers, owners, and operators - both for urban and interurban area, research institutes, academia and the European Commission, the HEAVYROUTE project will present its final results at the HEAVYROUTE FINAL SEMINAR (invitation).