Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories


13.07.2007 00:07
New FEHRL project FiWi - FEHRL institutes WIM initiative project

Starting September 2007, FEHRL institutes active in Weigh-in-motion (WIM) R&D have joined forces in a new FEHRL project: FiWi.

Since the early 90's there have been considerable developments in the field of Weigh-in-Motion in Europe. Interesting results have been achieved by cooperation in international projects like DIVINE, COST-323, WAVE, Top-Trial and Remove.

One of the aims of the FiWi project is to implement the key recommendations of the Remove project.

04.07.2007 00:07
New leadership team takes office

The new President Claude Van Rooten, Vice -Presidents  Helen Riddervold and Andra Legat and the Treasurer          Peter Maurer formally took office on the 1st of July 2007. This followed the elections of the recent General Assembly.

26.06.2007 00:06
Institute staff at FEHRL office

Martin Pipa from CDV joined the FEHRL Office at the beginning of June 2007. He is assigned a four-month secondment to learn about our activities in Brussels and work with fellow project managers and research developers. The training is part of the FP6 CERTAIN project and he will work closely with the European Commission.


22.06.2007 00:06
Final WATMOVE workshop

The COST Action 351  on Water Movements in Road Pavements and Embankments (WATMOVE) has completed its tasks with a final workshop in Athens.  The  project team presented many aspects of their work which focussed on the problems and solutions of water within road infrastructure and its immediate effects on the surroundings.    Specific considerations concerned the challenges faced by road operators in complying with the European Directive on Groundwater quality.  A book setting out the state-of-the-art in the topic will be published soon. 

15.06.2007 00:06
Climate Change Workshop - 12th June 07 - Brussels

Presentations from the successful workshop "Adapting Europe's roads for climate change" are now available under the Activities tab in Workshops.